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The brand

Wilma & Morris is a family run company that was born in Kolsva in the northern 
parts of Scandinavia. 
Our mission is to keep children protected, dry and warm,
despite the weather. We have delivered 
premium quality products to children’s
stores since 1999 and we always strive for the highest quality, 
best materials and
manufacturing. Our development department has put great emphasis on
our core values; function, fit and quality. The outer fabrics are of the highest level
in terms of durability, 
water resistance and the ability to breathe.

Wilma & Morris is a great choice for quality conscious parents 
who want to keep their children happy – no matter what season.


  "I'm a tailor/pattern designer and I'm passionate about quality combined with a

good fit and smart functions. I love to develop small details that can improve a

garments function and make a change for the children's everyday life. My new
collection is a nice mix of beautiful colours, quality fabrics and smart features.
The new ecological impregnation in all 
outerwear is fully in line with my thinking
when it comes to environment and a sustainable future."

- Anita Stray, designer and founder



Bruksgatan 27

731 13 Kolsva


+46 221 50323