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 How does it work with a return?

Of course you’re disappointed when the hat you’ve been dying for don’t fit or you want another color. We are fully aware of this and that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to return the hat.

If you want to return one hat, put the hat in a plastic or paper bag. You can of course use the Wilma & Morris bag or any other that you have at home.Put 2 or 4 stamps and send it to:

Wilma & Morris AB, Bruksgatan 27, 73113 Kolsva SWEDEN. 

If you want to return more than one hat, send a mail to us and ask for a return label. We will send one to you by e-mail. Put it on the package and call the DHL Express customer service at 0844 248 0844. You can schedule a pickup for the return shipment from a location of your choice.

There aren’t any complicated forms to fill in. Simply send the hat back, if you like to change color or size, wright a mote and add it. 
When will I get my money back? 

As soon as your return has been registered you will get an email from us and that is also the start of the return payment.
It takes about one to two weeks for your return to reach us and the return payment itself usually takes a maximum of 5 working days. If you want to find out the status of your return, you’re welcome to contact us.  

I want to change sizes, how can I do that?

Simple – place a note with the new size or color together with the returning hat.  We change to the color/size of youe choosing and send it pack the day after. You pay for the return stams to us and we pay for the delivery to you.

I want to complain about my shoes, how can I do that?

Don’t worry – be happy. Email us a picture of the hat and we will get back to you with a solution.

When will you get these particular hat in stock again?

We will surely get all the classics in again, but other models might be unique to a certain season. Contact us and we will see how it looks for your particular dream shoes!

Stop my order!

Whoah wait! Sometimes things happen too quickly when you click on the screen. We always try to stop unwanted orders, but sometimes our super-fast warehouse staff have already managed to send out your hat. 
Therefore, contact us as soon as you possibly can so that we can do our best to stop the parcel. 

My package didn’t arrive/is lost!

Oh no, that’s not supposed to happen! Contact us at customer service and we will track the parcel for you.
If the package has disappeared from the face of the earth, we will of course fix it for you. 

I haven’t received all the hats I ordered!

How weird! Contact us and we will look into what might have happened. 

What sort of size are the hats 

A common and reasonable question. Measure the head and look at the size guide (on all modell pages) If you measure for ec 52,5 cm, choose size 54.